when hate arrives…

cw/tw: graphic description of physical harm in a line or two when hate arrives, i find myself paralysed,frozen under the … More

earth and water (8)

let’s build a house togetherwhere you and i can return no matter whaton days when i feel completely lostour house … More


i can’t live with anyone elsei can’t live with anyonei can’t live withi can’t livei can’t -i [Art by Sushmita … More

dear enabler (3)

i pass dayswonderingwhat all it takesto have two facesinstead of one. you saidyou were a feministand stilldid the opposite of … More


tw: abuse when i look at you,i don’t see the abuse.i see the nightswhen i wake up in painbecause of … More

rabbit hole

tw: abuse do i reek of victimhood?i looked into the mirrorand asked myselfafter being violatedfor the fourth time. every time … More

earth and water (5)

She loathes me and everything I stand for and hides the hate under a mask that people mistake for intellect.She … More

earth and water (4)

you ask mewhy (?)i still love you (!)andi tell youit’s because (…)you said (…)you and icould be lovers (.)butnot friends … More

earth and water (3)

you saidyou didn’t want usto exchange wordsand still managed toconverse with mejust by lookinginto my eyes [Art by Sushmita Anant]