suprema and zero (12)

unpleasant memories make me really sad happy memories make me really sadwhybecause i miss being as happy as i once … More

suprema and zero (10)

you’re an escapist who isn’twelli am noti disagree when have i acted as oneyou do all the timeand howby avoiding … More

suprema and zero (9)

i don’t know whybuti feel really lostwhyi feel like a nobody with no future and a past not worth rememberingweren’t … More

suprema and zero (8)

do you want to start going out with mewe’re already going outwhatsince whensince alwaysi assumed that’s why you used terms … More

suprema and zero (7)

wander lustpleasei hate travelin facti hate the idea of having to leave my houseyou hate leaving our roomand you don’twhich … More

suprema and zero (6)

there are days when i feel like giving upgiving up on whaton everything my career the book i always wanted … More

suprema and zero (5)

why don’t you burn the letters she wrote for to when you guys were togetheri don’t see how that would … More

suprema and zero (4)

there are days when i don’t feel goodi don’t feel good on most daysbutyou don’t get iti don’t like not … More

suprema and zero (3)

i like all bojack horseman episodes except onei only like one episodethe funeral oneohsamewaityou said you didn’t like thati only … More