red rainbow (50)

i watch you as you push me out of your lifei fight for us i ask you how i can … More

red rainbow (49)

i opened our old emails today (..…..)and the warmth of your wordsrevived all the dead cells in my body how … More

red rainbow (48)

you’re happywhen you’re not with her said someone who cared about me and i still didn’t know why i couldn’t … More

red rainbow (47)

she won’t respect me just because i want her toshe won’t respect me just because i (think i) deserve (her) … More

red rainbow (46)

i can have you, yet never have youi can lose you, but never lose you from a series i had … More

red rainbow (45)

i know you trust me why else would you share your favourite poem with me and ask me to keep … More

red rainbow (44)

it’s our anniversary and i want a gifti said whati heard her ask block my numberi replied and don’t ever … More

red rainbow (43)

you didn’t leavebecause you’d changed you left because you didn’t want to change from a series i had started and … More

red rainbow (42)

a time came when your love stopped having a healing effect on me what used to be medicine suddenly became … More

red rainbow (41)

can you and i be whatever we thought we couldjust for one night how difficult is it to pretend as … More