earth and water (11)

after all this while, i know it was i who was wrong;you were just being your authentic self, no matter … More

earth and water (10)

my phone buzzes with messages from friends,acquaintances and people who must get blocked —festivals are the only time when they … More

earth and water (8)

let’s build a house togetherwhere you and i can return no matter whaton days when i feel completely lostour house … More

earth and water (7)

i wanted us to paint rainbows together.but, honey, you hated bright coloursand made me feel as ifi wasn’t bright enough … More

earth and water (6)

why do you piss me off? i often feel like it all purposeful or are you just annoying, in … More

earth and water (5)

She loathes me and everything I stand for and hides the hate under a mask that people mistake for intellect.She … More

earth and water (4)

you ask mewhy (?)i still love you (!)andi tell youit’s because (…)you said (…)you and icould be lovers (.)butnot friends … More

earth and water (3)

you saidyou didn’t want usto exchange wordsand still managed toconverse with mejust by lookinginto my eyes [Art by Sushmita Anant]

earth and water (2)

i am emptied of emptinesswheni find you in the pagesofthe love storiesi read. my fingers tracethose pagesthe waythey trace your … More