orange milk chocolates

i dreamed that the two of us were finally together,that the place that has been haunting me celebrated our union, … More

blank slate

you taught me how to confuse love for somethingmuch less painful — do they even have a word for that? … More

hello, stranger!

i think i have fallen in love with the person you loved while i was in love with you i … More

i see you

i see youin the colour turquoisein weird polaroidsin the poetry tattooed on my roommate’s arm i see youin the sachets … More


you talked about your timeat the gym today(and how you thought it to bea space full of negativity). i looked … More


The first time we met, I noticed how red your eyes were from crying. You were missing your parents, you … More


“let me be your doll,” she said. “you can break me or caress me.” “you can hug me while you … More

365 days

on the third day of love, we felt less embarrassed every time we caught each other’s eye. –we knew it … More

mermaid in a cocoon

i woke up today morning with you curled up like a small spoon inside my body. it was you…with your … More