dear enabler (4)

you’re that villain in my lifewhose discouragement pushes meto do better and better and betteruntil there’s nothing more left to … More

when hate arrives…

cw/tw: graphic description of physical harm in a line or two when hate arrives, i find myself paralysed,frozen under the … More

dear enabler (3)

i pass dayswonderingwhat all it takesto have two facesinstead of one. you saidyou were a feministand stilldid the opposite of … More

dear enabler (2)

the rage inside my body is waiting to erupt just like the lava in a volcano. and burn you the … More

inseparable cunts

every faith rests on the principles of love, care, and positive thinking. but then, what about all the darkness inside … More

dear enabler (1)

tw: mentions of abuse and enabling behavior dear enabler, maybe, i wasn’t enough for you.  maybe, i worked too hard … More