as pessimistic as it sounds

tw: mentions of assault when everything seems to be going wrong, as pessimistic as it sounds,nothing works out.i always believed … More

mercury retrograde

tw: descriptions of suicidal thoughts every time i decide to live, something or the other shows me that life isn’t … More

reflections (ii)

i now realise that it wasn’t the ptsd symptoms that were bothering me 3 years back. it was seasonal depression. … More

orange milk chocolates

i dreamed that the two of us were finally together,that the place that has been haunting me celebrated our union, … More

tiny brown girl

all i want is to not be restricted by company,to be able to walk on the streets of london at … More

when hate arrives…

cw/tw: graphic description of physical harm in a line or two when hate arrives, i find myself paralysed,frozen under the … More

Another Summer

Another summer passes by, but the feeling of loss remains Marco Pena will be Alex Claremont-Diaz soonPrince Robert will be … More