earth and water (11)

after all this while, i know it was i who was wrong;you were just being your authentic self, no matter … More

as pessimistic as it sounds

tw: mentions of assault when everything seems to be going wrong, as pessimistic as it sounds,nothing works out.i always believed … More

mercury retrograde

tw: descriptions of suicidal thoughts every time i decide to live, something or the other shows me that life isn’t … More

words you and i pronounce differently

1.) hibiscus (hee-bis-cus/hye-biss-cus)2.) plural (plo-ral/ploo-ral)2.) burrito (buh-ree-to/boo-ree-to)3.) water (wa-terrr/wa-tuh)4.) earl tea (ol tea/olty?uhl tea)5.) journalism (jurrr-nalism/juh-nalism) it’s weird how we … More

every now and then

every now and then, i remember youand wonder what would’ve been different had i known of your plight.between the two … More

gwalior sun

we have been staying here since her high school daysi hear my mother say to the person who helps us … More

purple paradise

because i know what love feels like,i know what i feel for you isn’t love. you’re amazing, don’t get me … More

as the years roll by

as the years roll bymy world becomes smaller and smaller flying to a different continentdoesn’t seem to be any different … More